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Dawn Herring’s Piano Service

Lancaster, PA

Services Include:

  • Piano Life Saver
    System Installation
  • Rebuilding
  • Reconditioning
  • Regulating
  • Repair
  • Tuning

Dawn Provides Service To:

  • Etown, PA
  • Hershey, PA
  • Lancaster, PA
  • Myerstown, PA
  • Reading, PA


Dependable Service

For Local Music Lovers

Keeping a piano in tune and in good condition can ensure that your acoustic piano plays beautifully for years to come. The longer a piano sits in disrepair, the worse its condition becomes over time—and the more expensive the cost will be to fix it. If your piano needs tuning or repair services, please don't put it off. Entrust your piano to the deft hands of Dawn Herring at Dawn Herring's Piano Service today.

Dawn Herring's Piano Service provides professional piano tuning and repair services to music schools and other clients throughout Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas.

Dawn Offers:

  • Courteous, prompt service
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Good track record of satisfied customers

Revitalize Your Piano

Dawn Herring's Piano Service offers estimates for our services. To receive an estimate for the piano work you need, please contact Dawn today.
Steinway Piano on Stage - Dawn Herrings Piano Service in Lancaster, PA